The 2008 - 20009 Metro Moose junior C team coached by John Vosilla, Brad Naperkowski, and Eric Di Ramio have earned a spot in the 2009 National tournament.  The team was well coached with high expectations from the staff and managment.  They lost the championship game for the league title 2-1 to the Pitsburgh Penguins.  The Moose came out sluggish and the Penguins took full advantage firing shots away and outshotting the Moose 2 to 1 and after the 1st period score was 0-0 Thanks to the briliant play of the Metro Mose netminder.  The Penguins struck first, on a lack of defense play infront of the net. The Moose then realiated making it a 1 all game with a power play goal.  The Moose had an extremely strong second period and took it to the Penguins with quite a few quality chances.  The third period decided to be the period for the Penguins to end the stalemate and score a  beautiful goal when a Penguin defenseman went coast to coast and and found a tiny seam to squeeze the puck through and the Moose lost 2-1. The Penguins team was well coached and extremely talented they should do well in the National tournament in Marlboro Mass.
    This Metro Moose team gong has a strong chance of success if they work hard.  They are very talented and have all the tools, they only thing that can seperate them from the other teams will be their work ethic and how many shifts they take off.  When they play disciplined hockey and stay in position they are certainly a contender for the national title.
                                                                              John Fleming
                                                                           Junior Hockey Analyst