Medley Hornets
Tier Level Tier 5
League Number League 2200
Date Founded October 5th, 2007
Season Founded Season 11
City Medley, Alberta
Home Arena Esso Centre
Colours Yellow, Black, Red
General Manager Canada Claude von Braun
Head Coach Slovakia Otik Fauci
Captain Usa Mariano Utterback
Play-off Wins Season 18
Play-off Finalists Season 12, Season 20

The Medley Hornets are a professional hockey team based out of Medley, Alberta, Canada. They are members of the Tier 5 division of the GHL, in League 290. Having been founded in October 2007 during Season 11, the Hornets were a moderately successful team for three seasons, climbing to Tier 4 following their appearance in the Season 12 play-off finals, before folding due to management confusion and subsequent loss of confidence from the ownership. They have since made their reappearance at the end of Season 17.

Franchise historyEdit

Season 11Edit

The Medley Hornets were founded in early Season 11, meaning that they did not play all of their games. The team started the season strong despite this, with a six game winning streak. Though this recessed with a mid-season slump, as the team performed poorly, fading away from the play-off spot that had presented itself. Towards the end of the season though, the team once again went on a winning streak, just barely making it into seventh place, with a one point advantage over the two teams behind them, the Hamilton Bulldogs and Blindside. The Hornets started the play-offs strong, with a victory over the second place Weedheads away from home. The next game was a loss however, which brought the series into three games. The final game went into overtime, which The Weedheads scored early in, ending the Hornets' play-off run.

Season 12Edit

During the pre-season, the Hornets acquired Martyn Sokolov, a promising defenceman, in the draft; and Trifon Demidov, a veteran centre, from the Montreal Wild Cats for $3,000,000. The Hornets opened season 12 against The Empire, losing 1-2 in overtime. After that brief stumble however, the Hornets lost only twice more (once in overtime, the other in regulation time) during the 38 game season. In spite of earlier success, the Hornets barely scraped by the first round against an AI team, and didn’t fare too much better in the first game in the second round against Blindside, which resulted in a loss. In an act of desperation, several aspects of strategy were changed, leading the Hornets into the final round against Nanticoke, in which they lost the series 0-2. Being a runner-up in the play-offs, the Hornets advanced to Tier 4.

Season 13Edit

Having moved to a more difficult tier (Tier 4 from Tier 5), Season 13 was by far the most challenging season the Hornets had faced since their first in Season 11. To add to the difficulties, the Hornet's were also plagued with injuries all the way up to, and through, the play-offs. Despite this, the team adapted fairly quickly, winning decisive games against the few human contenders in the league. In the end however, the team finished in fourth place, being in the only quarter-final series with two human teams. Late-game heroics saved them from being eliminated in the first round, having come back from three or four goal deficits in the third period of the first two games, winning both. This pushed the Hornets into the semi-finals, pitted against The Wild Dingos. The Hornets had brought the first game into overtime, but ended up losing, and nearly did the same for the second, which they lost as well. In the off-season the team faced many contracts expiring, so the focus was on signing new young talent, replacing several players who had been in their late 30's.

Season 14Edit

Following General Manager Claude von Braun's departure after season 14, the team quickly fell apart. Owner's lost confidence in the teams ability to be profitable and play well, and simply sold all assets to anyone willing to purchase them. Due to complications concerning the ownership of the team, it folded before the start of the following season.

Season 17Edit

In preparation for the teams refounding, four seasons since it folded, management scouted out an entirely new Hornets team. Unlike the Hornets' beginnings in Season 11 however, scouts have focused solely on youth and potential. One of the problems that caused the Hornets to fold was uncertainty in the stability of the team in higher tiers, due primarily to aging, essential players. In hopes of averting this problem entirely, no one on the new Hornets team is over the age of 30; the oldest player at the time, Israel Clarida, being exactly 30 years old. The Hornets joined League 2200 with only six games remaining in the season, making it mathematically impossible to qualify for the play-offs. Nevertheless, they went on to win five of the six games, proving themselves as serious contenders for the next season.

Season 18Edit

During the off-season, the Hornets made a vast amount of moves in order to sign more skilled players onto their roster, including star centre Mariano Utterback. Not only did this round out the roster, however, it also compounded the newfound confidence from the ownership; massive loans totaling over $8 500 000 were withdrawn to keep the team afloat after the salary cap was maxed out. This payed off to the fullest of its potential, with the team going undefeated the entire season, only one game ever even going into overtime. Utterback became the first Hornets player to ever complete a 100 point season, accumulating exactly 100 points by the end of it, with 50 goals and 50 assists. He was also awarded the title for most goals, and missed the title for assists by a mere two assists. Among other awards, goalies Jussi Killingsworth and Clay Turso placed first and second in the league respectively for both goals against average and save percentage, getting similar amounts of ice time. The Hornets will go into the play-offs seeded first against Tigerwings, who narrowly (being tied in points, but possessing more wins) defeated an AI team for the eighth and final seed.

Team informationEdit

Medleyjersey Season18

Medley Hornets' home jersey Season 17 - present


Medley Hornets' home jersey Season 12 - Season 13


The name "Hornets" was chosen because of the CF-18 Hornet squadrons within the same city. As such, the logo reflects this with a cartoon-styled hornet ready to attack its prey.


The Hornets' home jerseys consist of the hornet logo on black, with various red and gold stripes along the arms, neck and waist. Since the team's re-emergence, they have opted for the sleeker, lighter RBK Edge jerseys.


The Medley Hornets are somewhat of an anomaly for a Canadian hockey team, with the majority of players coming from the USA and Europe. This number of foreign players has, however, been decreasing since the team's foundation. At one point, nearly two thirds of Hornets were not from Canada.

Season-by-season recordEdit

Note: GP = Games played, W = Wins, L = Losses, OTL = Overtime Losses, Pts = Points, GF = Goals for, GA = Goals against

Records as of March 14, 2010.

Season GP W L OTL Pts GF GA Finish Playoffs
11 33 23 7 3 49 112 54 7th Lost in Quarterfinals, 1-2 (The Weedheads)
12 38 35 1 2 72 170 34 1st Lost in Finals, 0-2 (Nanticoke Dread Pirates)
13 38 33 4 1 67 192 28 4th Lost in Semifinals, 0-2 (The Wild Dingos)
17 6 5 1 0 10 19 6 15th Did not qualify
18 38 38 0 0 76 216 24 1st League Champions, 2-0 (WIG HOCKEY)
19 38 28 8 2 58 180 75 2nd Lost in Semifinals, 0-2 (Red Eagles)
20 38 36 1 1 73 240 31 1st Lost in Finals, 0-2 (Boychuk Bellies)
21 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Season not yet started

Notable playersEdit

Current rosterEdit

As of May 28, 2009.

# Player Catches Acquired Place of Birth
43 Finland Jussi Killingsworth R Season 17 Tammisaari, Finland
87 Canada Clay Turso L Season 17 Saint-Marc-des-Carrières, Quebec
# Player Shoots Acquired Place of Birth
12 Canada Enoch Channey L Season 17 Innisfail, Alberta
14 Usa Kristofer Nesslein R Season 17 Roanoke, Virginia
32 Usa Garth Burbridge R Season 17 Clovis, New Mexico
60 Sweden Henrik Scheule R Season 17 Bollnäs, Sweden
75 Usa Scott Hoegerl L Season 17 Indianapolis, Indiana
26 Usa Francesco Lain - A R Season 17 Spartanburg, South Carolina
# Player Position Shoots Acquired Place of Birth
9 Russia Igor Polyakov C R Season 17 Maykop, Russia
19 Usa Marco Raduenz LW L Season 17 Seattle, Washington
20 Canada Bert Fluke C R Season 17 Beaumont, Alberta
22 Usa Titus Marquette - A (IR) LW L Season 17 Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
25 Canada Augustus Morine C L Season 17 St. Leonard, New Brunswick
26 Russia Matvey Klimov (Scratch) LW R Season 17 Saransk, Russia
45 Canada Arthur Fetch LW L Season 17 Port Alberni, British Columbia
46 Russia Leontiy Leonov RW R Season 17 Cherepovets, Russia
61 Canada Renato Flahive - C RW R Season 17 Warren, Manitoba
83 Canada Rudolf Lat C L Season 17 La Dore, Quebec
86 Canada Randall Kefauver RW R Season 17 Creston, British Columbia
88 Canada Israel Clarida RW L Season 17 St. Louis de Kent, New Brunswick
97 Usa Francisco Urata LW R Season 17 Waipahu, Hawaii

Team captainsEdit

  • Stan Mathews, Season 11 - Season 13
  • Erasmo Chanady, Season 13
  • Renato Flahive, Season 17
  • Mariano Utterback, Season 18 - present

Draft picksEdit

  • Season 11: Martyn Sokolov (13th overall)
  • Season 12: Kendrick Wandell (20th overall)
  • Season 13: Jean Colclough (16th overall)
  • Season 17: Sammy Taniguchi (5th overall)
  • Season 18: Ismael Egar (20th overall)
  • Season 19: Gustaf Pluviose (19th overall)
  • Season 20: Fisk Mention (20th overall)

Franchise scoring leadersEdit

These are the top-ten point-scorers in franchise history. Figures are updated after each completed GHL regular season.

Note: Pos = Position; GP = Games Played; G = Goals; A = Assists; Pts = Points; P/G = Points per game; G/G = Goals per game; A/G = Assists per game; * = current Hornets player

Points Goals Assists
Player Pos GP G A Pts P/G
Stan Mathews LW/C 98 72 83 155 1.58
Erasmo Chanady C 103 71 38 109 1.06
Esko Butron C 68 25 29 54 .79
Molner Ruckdaschel RW 64 19 25 44 .69
Trifon Demidov C/LW 28 17 22 39 1.39
Magdalena Dipirro D 68 4 32 36 .53
Jamison Germershausen D 63 8 25 33 .52
Santiago Carillion D 68 7 23 30 .44
Ben Ferranto LW/C 64 14 11 25 .39
Delbert Tabag LW/C 54 9 11 20 .37
Player Pos G G/G
Stan Mathews LW/C 72 .73
Erasmo Chanady C 71 .69
Esko Butron C 25 .37
Molner Ruckdaschel RW 19 .30
Trifon Demidov C/LW 17 .61
Ben Ferranto LW/C 14 .22
Delbert Tabag LW/C 9 .17
Ignariy Volkv LW/C 8 .13
Jamison Germershausen D 8 .13
Peder Mandanado RW 8 .12
Player Pos A A/G
Stan Mathews LW/C 83 .85
Erasmo Chanady C 38 .37
Magdalena Dipirro D 32 .47
Esko Butron C 29 .43
Jamison Germershausen D 25 .40
Molner Ruckdaschel RW 25 .39
Santiago Carillion D 23 .34
Trifon Demidov C/LW 22 .79
Delbert Tabag LW/C 11 .20
Ben Ferranto LW/C 11 .17
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