Chrisco's Killers

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Tier Level Tier 1
League Number League 1
Date Founded March 15,2008
Season Founded Season 13
City Water Valley, Alberta
Home Arena The Water Valley Community Center
Colours Black, White, Red
General Manager Canada Chris Kay
Head Coach Canada Kareem Zylka
Captain Canada Jude Michaels
Play-off Wins 4
Play-off Finalists 0

Chrisco's Killers is a professional hockey team based out of Water Valley, Alberta, Canada. They are members of the Tier 1 league of the GHL. Wealthy Owner and General Manager Chris Kay is famous for enticing players with large amounts of farm land, custom built homes, a private school for families of the players and many other first class bonuses. However, players who "under perform" mysteriously wind up as missing persons.

Killers Championship HistoryEdit

Tier 5 - Championship (36-0-1-0) - Year 1 - Season 13

Tier 4 - Championship (36-2-0-0) - Year 3 - Season 15

Tier 3 - Championship (34-2-0-2) - Year 4 - Season 16

Tier 2 - Championship (32-4-0-2) - Year 7 - Season 19

Current Season News and NotesEdit

  • Season 22 Starts! And the Killers have a schedule!
  • Lockout season No hockey for the Killers fans enraged with league officials!!!
  • Killers Draft Evgeniy Ivanov a 6'4" 228lb Russian forward with a lot of potential. It will take a few years for him to crack the deep Killers line up but could be a contributing 3rd liner for a long time
  • Killers Sweep First Round After finishing 6th in the regular season, Chrisco's Killers knocked off 3rd ranked Ice Batty in 2 straight games to advance to the semi finals
  • ANOTHER NEWCOMER! Purchased the rights to young Canadian defenseman Jordan Citino from Bellah. "The 22 year old was picked up to fill the spot left behind by Fleishaker Mascaro. He will likely jump right in a be a contributing member as a 5th or 6th Dman. Jordan should be a Killer for a long time!" said team Captain Jude Michaels in a press conference on January 22nd.
  • Acquired High Potential 22 Year old Canadian Forward Porfirio Stoddart from the Bashers in exchange for high profile and long time Killer Fleishaker Mascaro. "He has been a great leader and member of the community for a number of years and will be deeply missed in the locker room" replied Kareem Zylka earlier this morning when asked about the deal.
  • Acquired high potential, 23 yr old Canadian forward Sam Obi from the St. Louis Blues in exchange for slow developing youngster Taylor Jome. "He just wasn't improving as quickly as we would have liked, and we have several young guys who deserve a shot" stated Head Coach and Assistant GM Kareem Zylka.
  • Signed Free Agent Benito Defrain, a 112 Overall Veteran power play specialist with high expectations to add some offensive punch to an injured Killers line-up.
  • Re-Acquired Veli-Pekka Hitchko from "Danger Zone" along with Morris Vasil in exchange for Eugene Douyette
  • Drafted 18 yr old Darryl Hiestand from Greenville, SC. USA

Killers UniformEdit

Chriscos killers jerseys

The Killer DomeEdit

The Killer Dome (formerly known as the Water Valley Community Center) is a 22,000 seat stadium. Because of its unique design, it is the only dome shaped stadium in the GHL. Every seat in the building has a full, unobstructed view of the action.

Exterior Arena copy Arena copy

  • Seating in the "Red Sections" are priced at $225.
  • Seating in the "Blue Sections" are priced at $185.
  • Seating in the "Black Sections" are priced at $10.

Because of owner Chris Kay's humble beginnings growing up in a poor family, he understands the impact professional sporting events can have on children of poor families. For this reason he has always insisted (despite advisor criticism) that upper level seating never rise above $10. This encourages all members of the community to attend Killers games. To further the impact on the community, all Killers players are available to media and fans for a minimum of 45 minutes following every home game.

Team Roster Edit

Current Roster With Season 21 StatsEdit

As of April 2010

Coaching Staff
Number Nationality Name Position Overall GP (This Season) Wins (This Season) Losses (This Season) W% (This Season)
Canada Kareem Zylka Coach 97
Canada Chris Kay GM 125
Number Nationality Name Position Overall GP (This Season) Wins (This Season) Losses (This Season) GAA (This Season) SV%(This Season)
71 Canada Walter Dalonzo Starting 100
24 Canada Arnulfo Mollohan Backup 76

Number Nationality Name Position Overall GP (This Season) Goals (This Season) Assists (This Season) Points (This Season) +/- (This Season)
83 Usa Otis Gavenda Lightning FW 103
82 Sweden Kevin Coultas Power shot FW 102
1 Canada Rudolf Vanwright Power play FW 101
20 Canada Travis Vosburg Sniper FW 106 LOCKOUT SEASON
95 Russia Evsei Grigorev Sniper FW 107
60 Sweden Georg Aring Grinder D 99 NO STATS
38 Canada Jude Michaels Grinder D 101
14 Canada Leandro Bhaskar FW 97
82 Usa Freeman Pierce Power play FW 95
87 Slovakia Silny Kasinger Sniper D 89
43 Finland Paavo Meshyock Power play FW 92
13 Usa Clifford Nave Power play FW 94
26 Canada Dominick Holling D 90
27 Canada Porfirio Stoddart Power shot FW 90
9 Usa Everette Beaner Sniper D 89
14 Canada Lyle Langlinais Grinder D 79
95 Canada Janny Melendy Grinder FW 79
15 Sweden Tintin Sakurai Power play FW 72
2 Finland Veli-Pekka Hitchko Power play FW 93
88 Slovakia Polak MenendezPower play FW 68
23 Canada Benito Defrain Power play FW 112

Past Season RecordsEdit

Season League Tier GP W L OTL Pts GF GA Playoffs
Season 13 1481 5 38 37 0 1 75 266 13 Championship
Season 14 187 4 38 36 1 1 73 217 32 Eliminated Game 3 Second Round
Season 15 187 4 38 36 2 0 72 207 38 Championship
Season 16 41 3 38 34 2 2 70 183 41 Championship
Season 17 12 2 38 25 8 5 55 121 65 Eliminated Game 3 Second Round
Season 18 12 2 38 27 6 5 59 122 63 Eliminated Game 3 First Round
Season 19 12 2 38 32 4 2 66 153 47 Championship
Season 20 1 1 38 22 11 5 49 115 91

Eliminated Game 2 Second Round

Season 21 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Lockout season BCART SUCKS

Players All Time StatsEdit

Killers Record BookEdit

Chrisco's Killers All-Time Records
Milestone #
Wins (W) 253
Losses (L) 33
Overtime Losses (OTL) 17
Goal For (GF) 1154
Goals Against (GA) 362
Power Play Goals (PPG) 536
Shots For (SHT) 9648
Shots Against (SHT AGT) 4810

Chrisco's Killers Single Season Records
Milestone Player Season Tier #
Most Goals (G) Rudolf Vanwright 13 5 46
Most Assists (A) Paavo Meshyock 14 4 61
Most Points (P) Paavo Meshyock 14 4 96
Best +/- Paavo Meshyock 14 4 +43
Most Power Play Goals (PPG) Rudolf Vanwright 13 5 34
Most Shots On Goal (SHT) Rudolf Vanwright 13 5 274
Chrisco's Killers All-Time Franchise Records
Milestone Player #
Games Played (GP) Paavo Meshyock 261
Goals (G) Rudolf Vanwright 208
Assists (A) Paavo Meshyock 190
Points (P) Rudolf Vanwright 350
All-time +/- Rudolf Vanwright +191
Power Play Goals (PPG) Rudolf Vanwright 124
Game Winning Goals (GWG) Rudolf Vanwright 35
Shots On Goal (SHT) Rudolf Vanwright


Killers MerchandiseEdit


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