Tier Level [[Tier 5]]
League Number 1489
Date Founded September, 2008
Season Founded Season 15
City Hialeah, Florida
Home Arena EAS Arena
Colours Black, Yellow, White
General Manager Sweden Xeliass
Head Coach Slovakia Franta Masupha
Captain Canada Kyle Neiswander
Play-off Wins Seasons none
Play-off Finalists Season none

Akkadians' home jersey


Akkadians' home jersey

The Akkadians are a newly founded professional hockey team located just outside Hialeah, Florida, USA. Starting of in Tier 5, League #1489 in GHL during season nr 15. The team's home Arena is EAS Arena, a new small arena with a capacity of 7 600 seats.


Formation of the TeamEdit

In September 2008, Xeliass decided to start his own professional hockey team, in the city of Hialeah, Florida. As the General Manager he set up a trial week where anyone interested in being a part of his team were welcome to participate. Many young talents came to the trial week and soon his team started to take form. Xeliass started of signing 24 young players aged 19-22 and two goalies 20-21 years old, this gave him a young talented team to work with for the future. Xeliass then signed a head coach named Franta Masupha 53 years old. Mr Masupha's primary task was to help the young talents to develop and form a strong, high potential team.

Rookie seasonEdit

The objective for the first season was to build a strong and talented team for the future, composed with young talented players and with this team establish them self in the league and reaching the play-offs. Xeliass saw the importance in working with the economy, trying to build up a strong economical ground for upcoming seasons.

At the moment Akkadians is fighting in top 8 in the league #1489, this with a young low-experienced team among teams with high-experienced and high quality players signed from teams in the higher divisions.

Rookie season-Play OffsEdit


The Akkadians got a good start in the Play offs by defeating Waterloo Dragons in the first game out off three in the quarter finals with 5-0. The Waterloo Dragons came back and won the second game by 4-0, that was a waking call for the Akkadians and they won the third game with 4-1.


In the Semi-finals Akkadians had to face HC Ananas A, a team they've had some problems with during the regular season. In the first game out three, the Akkadians got a terrible start when five players got injured and they lost by 4-2, when all hope seemed to be gone Akkadians came back and won the second game by 5-1, this was a great performance by the Akkadians but in the third game they were so tired and unfocused and had to see them selfs defeated by HC Ananas A with incredible 14-0. This was the last game for the Akkadians in this seasons Play-off, they ended in 4th place.

Rookie season-SummaryEdit

The goal that Akkadians had before this season was to establish them selfs in tier 5, to build a strong high potential team and reaching the play-offs. This was succesful, the Akkadians started off with nothing ended up with a young and strong team. With a total of 3 defeats and 4 defeats on extra time they finaly reached the play-offs with a 4th place by defeating Waterloo Dragons in the last game of the regular season. In the play-offs they won the quarter-finals against Waterloo Dragons by 2-1 in games and a total of 9-5 in goals. In the Semi-finals the had to see them selfs defeated bu HC Ananas A by 2-1 in games and a total of 17-9 in goals.

Second seasonEdit

For the second season, the Akkadians released a sold of some players and signed a bunch new players to bring a little boost to the team. This seasons primary objective is to reach the finals and be promoted to tier 4. The secondary objective is to keep on building a strong and talented team and preparing them for the future.

Season-by-season recordEdit

This is a complete list of the team statistics from the seasons played by the Akkadians.

Records as of 2 June, 2009.

Season League/Tier GP W L OTL Pts GF GA W% St. Home Away Finish Playoffs
Season 15 1489/5 37 30 3 4 64 162 50 86% W7 14-2-0-2 16-1-0-2 4th Semi-Finals
Season 16 1489/5 38 35 3 0 70 215 32 92% W1 18-1-0-0 17-2-0-0 2nd Semi-Finals
Season 17 1489/5 38 38 0 0 76 269 28 100% W38 19-0-0-0 19-0-0-0 1nd N/A

Note: GP = Games played, W = Wins, L = Losses, OTL = Overtime Losses, Pts = Points, GF = Goals for, GA = Goals against, W% = Winning Percentage, St. = Longest Streak, Home = Record for home games, Away = Record for away games""

Record bookEdit

Seasons 15. Playoffs not included in all-time records, or in one season records.
* indicates player no longer on the team

Category Current-Season leaders Record (games played) One season leaders Record Season
Points Mutone, Olle 102 points (37 gp) Mutone, Olle 102 17
Goals Katsbulas, Mikko 44 goals (38 gp) Katsbulas, Mikko 44 17
Assists Mutone, Olle 68 assists (37 gp) Mutone, Olle 68 17
Penalty minutes Warren, Brooke 58 PIM (38 gp) Warren, Brooke 58 17

Current RosterEdit

# Age Catches Acquired Place of Birth OA rating
72 Finland Henri Cesena 29 L Season 17 Espoo 84
45 Canada Fritz Revard 22 L Season 15 Cantley, Quebec 77
# Age Hand Acquired Place of Birth OA rating
96 Canada Warren Brooke A Grinder 23 R Season 15 Indian Head, Saskatchewan 83
24 Usa Glenn Batko A Power play 23 L Season 15 Lousville, Kentucky 82
81 Canada Christopher Usrey 21 L Season 16 Prince William, New Brunswick 79
61 Finland Aulis Cuadrado 21 R Season 15 Jyvaskyla 77
30 Canada Heath Spinuzzi 23 R Season 15 Barrington Passage, Nova Scotia 76
64 Usa Darryl Novotny 22 L Season 16 Asheville, North Carolina 76
47 Russia Igor Savin 22 L Season 15 Cheboksary 73
# Position Age Hand Acquired Place of Birth OA rating

51 Sweden Olle Mutone C 25 L Season 16 Harnosand 92
54 Canada Kyle Neiswander C Lightning C/RW 23 R Season 15 Pelly Crossing, Yukon 88
61 Finland Mikko Katsbulas LW 26 R Season 16 Närpiö 86
89 Usa Sterling Hazlitt RW 25 L Season 16 Valdosta, Georgia 82
87 Canada Darron Esworthy C 21 R Season 15 Adamsville, Ontario 84
9 Russia Vladilen Savelev C 21 L Season 15 Ishevsk 82
98 Slovakia Kubas Gatesy RW 21 R Season 15 Poprad 81
50 Sweden Anthony Jurgensmeier RW 21 R Season 15 Osthammar 81
81 Russia Nicolay Ponomarev RW 22 R Season 15 Nischniy Tagil 78
19 Usa Dino Frosto Grinder RW 21 R Season 15 Tupelo, Mississippi 80
37 Slovakia Hudak Towber LW/C 22 L Season 15 Bratislava 77
57 Sweden Edgar Leggans C 20 L Season 15 Fagersta 77
44 Canada Emmitt Raider Lightning LW 20 L Season 16 Willow Bunch, Saskatchewan 74
# Position Age Hand Acquired Place of Birth OA rating
Sweden Xeliass GrinderPower playSniperLightningPower shot GM 26 Season 15 Sundborn 125
Slovakia Franta Masupha Head Coach 54 Season 15 Samara, Russia 82

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